Constitutional Officers

Since Colonial Days

The constitutional officers, whose offices date back to colonial days, are, in part, state officials and, in part, local officials. Constitutional officers are legally independent of the City Council.

Constitutional officers are elected at large for a term of four years, except for the circuit court clerk who serves an eight-year term. The City of Norton's constitutional officers fall into two categories: fiscal affairs and local court affairs.

Fiscal Affairs

  • Commissioner of Revenue – The commissioner of revenue prepares real estate and personal property tax books and bills; assesses personal property, machinery and tools, merchants’ capital, and some business taxes (like the business, professional, and occupational license tax) and real estate. In addition, the commissioner serves a significant state function as the receiving point for state income tax forms.
  • Treasurer – The treasurer is charged with the collection, custody, and disbursement of city funds. The treasurer also collects funds for the state, reporting on these accounts to the state comptroller.

Local Court Affairs

  • Clerk of the Circuit Court – The duties of the clerk of the circuit court fall into two major categories, associated with:
    • General record keeping for the city / county - These duties included recording all documents relating to land transfers, deeds of trusts, mortgages, births, deaths, wills, and divorces - as well as recording election results and issuing marriage licenses.
    • Judicial proceedings in the Circuit Court - These functions include working with the judges on trial schedules, maintaining jury lists, and handling other duties related to circuit court trials.
  • Commonwealth Attorney - The commonwealth attorney is primarily responsible for prosecuting violations of criminal law.
  • Sheriff – The City of Norton is somewhat unique in that it is actually represented by two sheriffs, a City Sheriff and County Sheriff. Although they are both sheriffs, their roles and responsibilities are somewhat different as it relates to the citizens of Norton.