High Knob Outdoor Festival

Photo of the logo for the High Knob Outdoor Fest

The third annual High Knob Outdoor Fest will be held in downtown Norton on Saturday, August 15, 2020. The festival will showcase the High Knob region’s outdoor recreation opportunities through outdoor trips, demonstrations, and festivities, including live music and food trucks, in downtown Norton. 

The festival will celebrate the communities, businesses, and organizations dedicated to promoting and growing the region’s outdoor recreation potential. Free and family-friendly, the festival is organized through the City of Norton and the Wise County Cooperative Extension Office.

Visit www.highknoboutdoorfest.wix.com/highknoboutdoorfest and www.facebook.com/highknoboutdoorfest for updates about the festival.


Contact Katie Dunn, katied@nortonva.org or (276) 679-1160, or Emily Wells, pomfrey@vt.edu or (276) 328-6194.