Photo of Flag Rock Area Trails map

What Is The Flag Rock Area Trails System?

The Flag Rock Area Trails system currently has 10-plus miles of mountain bike trails, with more miles planned. The system is also open to foot travel.

Getting Here

There are currently two main access points for the Flag Rock Area Trails system. See the Trails Page for a map of the entire trail system. Below are links for driving directions to the Norton Reservoir and Shelter trailheads.

Two trails can be accessed at the Shelter Trailhead near the Flag Rock Overlook. The Sugar Maple and Magnolia trails are located at this parking area.

The Norton Reservoir Trailhead is located in a gravel parking lot for Norton’s Reservoir and offers direct access to three trails: Lake Lake Show, Twisted Forest, and Reservoir Road.

Exploring Flag Rock Recreation Area

If wanting to explore more of Flag Rock Recreation Area, visit the Park Page.