Income Tax Assistance

The Commissioner of the Revenue provides free income tax assistance to local citizens.
Free Preparation Of Your Individual Return. Bring copies of your Federal and State tax information (W-2’s, 1099’s, etc) to our office and we will complete your tax returns.

No appointment is necessary.

Processing Of Accelerated State Refunds

If you qualify for an accelerated State refund, our staff will electronically transmit information from your return directly to the Virginia Department of Taxation. If the information is within the Department's guidelines, you will receive your State refund within five to seven days from the processing date.

Our office has direct communication with the Virginia Department of Taxation and will assist with any questions or issues that might arise concerning personal state income tax returns.
Estimated Income Tax

Our office will assist in determining your estimated Federal and State Income Tax due for the current year. Due dates for State are as follows:

  • Voucher 1 April 15th
  • Voucher 2 June 15th
  • Voucher 3 September 15th
  • Voucher 4 January 15th