State Taxes

The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for reviewing and processing state tax returns, checking returns for errors and omitted information, and to verify that the correct filing status is used. If an error is discovered, the taxpayer is notified and given the opportunity to correct the return. If you qualify for an accelerated refund, our staff will electronically transmit information from your return directly to the Department of Taxation. If the information is within the Department's guidelines, you will receive your refund in five to seven days from the processing date.

The Commissioner's office also handles estimated tax payments. Form 760ES Voucher 1 should be sent to the Commissioner's office by May 1st. The Treasurer's office processes all subsequent voucher payments.

Free Preparation of your Individual Return and Taxpayer Assistance

Our office will prepare your Federal and State Tax Returns. No appointment is necessary. Our staff is trained in the most recent tax legislation and will provide information and answer your questions. All State Income tax forms may be obtained from the Commissioner of the Revenue's office, or by visiting the Virginia Department of Taxation's website.

Website for the Virginia Department of Taxation

Filing Deadlines

  • May 1st: Virginia State Tax Returns
  • May 1st: 1st Estimated Tax Payment (1st Voucher Commissioner of Revenue
  • June 15th: 2nd Voucher Payment (Submitted to Treasurer)
  • September 15th: 3rd Voucher Payment (Submitted to Treasurer)
  • January 15th: 4th Voucher Payment (Submitted to Treasurer)