E-911 Dispatch Center

The City of Norton 911 Communication Center is the first point of contact for the public in emergency and non-emergency situations. All emergency personnel are dispatched by the 911 Center, which is staffed with nine full-time and three part-time dispatchers.  These dispatchers manage and maintain the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, which helps them monitor all responding emergency personnel.

In 2022, the 911 Center received a total of 19,179 calls. Of these calls, 4,637 were received via 911 and 14,542 were received through non-emergency phone lines.  These calls resulted in 7,801 calls for service in which emergency personnel were dispatched (6,042 calls for police, 383 calls for fire, and 1,376 calls for rescue).

The 911 Center may be reached 24 hours a day for emergencies by dialing 9-1-1 and for non-emergencies by dialing (276) 679-1211.