Treatment Process

Water Sources

The City Water Treatment Plant gets its water from the Norton and Lower Reservoirs. The reservoirs are located approximately one mile above the treatment plant.

After being withdrawn from the reservoir, water travels to the raw water intake located at the plant and begins the pre-treatment phase. The intake screen prevents clogging and protects the rest of the water system by removing sticks, limbs, logs, and other large debris commonly found in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. The water then travels to the treatment plant.

Treatment Begins

Once the water reaches the plant it is immediately dosed with chlorine to kill most disease causing organism’s. This also helps to eliminate any taste and order problems. The water then goes into the flash mixer. This is a rapid mixer that mixes chemicals with the raw water that contains fine particles that will not settle or filter out of the water on their own. At this point we also add fluoride.  Since there isn’t enough fluoride in the raw water, a small amount must be added to aid in the proper development of young peoples’ teeth.

Next the water flows into the flocculators. These are slower spinning mixers that gather together fine, light particles with the chemicals to form larger particles (floc) to aid the sedimentation and filtration process. The water then flows into the settling basins. Here the larger suspended particles settle to the bottom of the basins.

Filtering Process

Next the water flows into the plant where the filters are located. These filters catch the remaining suspended particles that were too light or small to settle out in the basins.

From the filters the water goes into the plant clearwell. This clearwell holds 120,000 gallons. In the clearwell the water is chlorinated again to kill any remaining disease causing organisms. This also provides for the chlorine residual for the distribution system. In the clearwell we also add caustic soda for pH control and a corrosion inhibitor for the pipe system.

The water is now safe for consumption. It is delivered to the public by 2 finished water pumps that take the water out of the clearwell and deliver it to the distribution system.

Learn More

To learn more about the water treatment process, please contact the Water Treatment Plant at (276) 679-1160.