Regional Treatment Plant

Coeburn - Norton - Wise

With a permitted capacity of four millions gallons per day, the Coeburn-Norton-Wise Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest wastewater facility in far southwest Virginia.

Treatment Processes

Significant treatment facilities at the plant include:
  • Preliminary treatment (screening and grit removal)
  • Secondary treatment (oxidation ditch)
  • Clarification
  • Disinfection by chlorination
  • Dechlorination.
Sludge treatment facilities include aerobic digestion and filter belt presses. The facility is utilizing treated sludge as a soil amendment on a local farm, formerly surfaced-mined land, that produces hay.


CNW employs ten full-time staff members including an Executive Director, seven operators, and two maintenance personnel. All are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as Class I and cross-trained to perform a variety of tasks. Authority personnel provide a schedule of in-house training activities covering a broad range of topics in a thorough educational program. Additionally, all staff members have taken courses in the water-wastewater training curriculum in the Environmental Science Department of Mountain Empire Community College as well many seminars and other training activities of the Virginia Rural Water Association.

Safety Programs

The Authority has an aggressive preventative maintenance program since the facilities went into service in 1991. Additionally, the Authority has a safety program for its employees and citizens that is second to none.

Learn More

To learn more, please contact the CNW Regional Waste Authority at (276) 679-7236.