Project Development Plan Process/Fees


All general contractors and subs are required to apply for and obtain a business licenses from the Commissioner of Revenue prior to obtaining permits. Please contact the Commissioner of Revenue Judy Miller for applications and pricing of business licenses at (276) 679-0031.

Plan Submittal

Building Plans

Two sets of plans are required, and approximately one week review time should be expected. For restaurants, plans of the kitchen area need to be submitted to the Wise County Health Department in order to obtain a food service permit upon completion of the project.

Erosion & Sediment Control and

Stormwater Management
  • Two sets required, approximately one week review time should be expected

Site Plans

  • Two sets required can be part of and submitted with the E and S plans, approximately one week review time should be expected - No Review Fee

Application Submittal

Applications can be submitted at the same time as the plans or if the contractors or subs have not been selected, the applications can be submitted at the time the contractor or sub wishes to pull the permits.


Building Permits

  • $1 per $1,000 of the contract
  • Building permits cover the footings, concrete, structural, means of egress, and other non-trade-related items

Electrical Permits

  • $1 per $1,000 of the contract
  • Electrical permits cover any electrical work including any fire alarm work for the contract

Fire Suppression Permits

  • $1 per $1,000 of the contract price
  • Fire suppression permits cover sprinklers, hood suppression systems (Ansul systems), and any other item that is related to fire suppression


  • $25.00 Fee Per Sign Application

Land Disturbance

  • Fee Schedule for Land Disturbance Permits
  • Areas 10,000 sq. ft. to 1 acre,(and not in a Common Plan of Development are subject to the City's Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations.
  • Areas of disturbance of 1 acre and above (or in a Common Plan of Development) are subject to the City's Stormwater Management regulations. Stormwater Management projects require a Stormwater Management Permit in addition to the Land Disturbance Permit.

Mechanical Permits

  • $1 per $1,000 of the contract price
  • Mechanical permits cover all HVAC components and installation of the project

Plumbing Permits

  • $1 per $1,000 of the contract
  • Two plumbing permits are required for restaurants: one for the plumbing facilities, DWV line, and water supply, and the second for a grease interceptor
  • The second grease interceptor permit is $5 and is a renewable and/or revocable permit

Small Rooftop Solar Photo Voltaic Permit Process Checklist

  • Electrical Permit applications are the only required application to be submitted for Rooftop Photo Voltaic (PV) Systems.
  • Submittal of the electrical permit application, drawings and calculations of the proposed system will initiate the process in which a permit will be issued.

  • An engineer's assessment letter will be required to ensure the proposed roof loading does not adversely affect the performance and stability of the existing roof system. 

  • Contractors that are applying for Photo Voltaic systems installation must have the AES designation on the DPOR license.

  • Review time of the application and construction documents will not exceed one week.

  • The fees for small rooftop solar PV is $1 per $1000 of the contract price.

  • After review and approval of the submitted application, you will be notified that the permit is ready to be issued.

  • You may stop by City Hall and pay for the permit or send payment by mail and have the permit mailed to you. 


    State Levy

    Building permits and all trade permit fees will have a 2% state levy added.