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    B & B Crafts and Collectibles (Beth)

   I have been crafting and baking for approximately 42 years. I bake sweet breads and cookies. The crafts I make include plastic bag holders, stuffed animals, and seasonal and holiday items. I can be found at the local craft shows and farmers markets.

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Mountain Crafts ( Megan and Peggy)

   Our family has been crafting, baking and knitting for the last 46 years. It has become a family tradition handed on down to the two granddaughters (Akira and Alyssa) who sell lemonade at the market. We enjoy keeping our Mountain Heritage available to visitors and locals in our area. Mountain Crafts Facebook Page
Mountain Crafts Online Store

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    R & D Farms (Dale)

   I sell meat including beef, pork and lamb at the farmers market, along with grass finish, chemical free, free range eggs. I have been selling for five years. My farm is located in Bristol, VA.

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Addington Produce

   I've been farming for 20 years and produce and sell a variety of garden vegetables. My farm is located in Wise, VA.

Trish and Jason

  Meade Century Farm (Trish and Jason)
  We've been helping on the farm picking bugs and weeds since we were walking. This has been nearly 57 years now. The farm has been passed down generation to generation where there is now 3rd generation down to 6th living on the farm today. We grow various produce including potatoes, green beans, squash, peppers, tomatoes, and a great deal more. We also do homemade apple butter, jams, and a variety of canned goods. Meade Century Farm is located in Castlewood, VA.

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