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Norton, VA

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Novice Level Trails - easiest - gentle climbs and descents, with obstacles such as rocks, gravel, roots, bridges, humps, holes, and berns. Riders must have general bike handling skills before using these trails.                               
         Lake Lake Show Video
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Lake Lake Show - 0.95 miles - (Core Loop Trail) - Beginning at  the Reservoir Trailhead, Lake Lake Show forms the eastern side of the  core loop of the trail system. This trail affords views of the upper and  lower reservoirs, and connects to Twisted Forest to complete the core  loop. Note: the beginning of Lake Lake Show is currently under construction. short detour can be accessed by traveling down the adjacent, short, paved reservoir access road. Before reaching the boat ramp, there is a steep gravel road leading down to the right. At the bottom of the short, steep hill, there is a cable gate across a trail on the left side. Across or around the cable is the completed portion of the trail.  

Twisted Forest
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Twisted Forest - 
0.99 miles - (Core Loop Trail) - Beginning at the Reservoir Trailhead, Twisted Forest forms the western side of the core loop. It travels through a large tangle of mountain laurel, before opening into a mature hardwood forest. Twisted Forest connects to Lake Lake Show to complete the core loop.
Sugar Maple
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Sugar Maple - 
0.64 miles - Beginning at the Shelter Trailhead -- near the two large group picnic shelters -- Sugar Maple serves as a primary access trail from the park proper to the core loop of the system.

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