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Mountain Bike Trail System
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Flag Rock Area Trails (FRAT)

Flag Rock Area Trails will be a stacked loop system, allowing users to choose one or more optional loops, bringing him/her back to his/her original starting point, with many options for users of different fitness levels. This allows new, often less physically capable, users to feel more comfortable about accessing the trails. The trail system currently consists of approximately 8 miles of trails with names like Sugar Maple, Oak, Lake Lake Show, Moonshiner's, Lost Creek, Pick'em Mountain, Fern Gully, and Grind Central.

When Flag Rock Area Trails is complete, it will attract active locals and many visiting mountain bikers from throughout the region and beyond. Mountain bikers are largely affluent, and expect to spend money when they travel. A large trail system will have enough variety to provide visitors with the possibility of multi-day adventures. This brings tax dollars from the patronage of hotels, restaurants, and stores. Flag Rock Area Trails will contain approximately thirty miles of trail when finished, and tie into many more miles of trails on adjacent National Forest land.

A complete webpage is in the works and will be available soon.

Flag Rock Area Trails Map (click to enlarge map)
                                              Trail Map